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Stormpay the best Paypal alternative. We accept members from any country in the world


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STORMPAY is an account-based system that lets anyone with an e-mail address securely send and receive online payments using their credit card or bank account.

Is STORMPAY secure?
Yes. STORMPAY is secured by QuickSSL, which are utilizing 128-bit SSL certificates thereby offering the highest level of encryption or security possible. In addition, when you send a payment using STORMPAY, the recipient won't receive sensitive financial information like your credit card or bank account number. This way, you don't have to worry about paying people you don't know...

Does it cost money to sign up for STORMPAY?
No. It is free to open and send money using a STORMPAY account. We do charge low fees for our members to receive payments.

How do I sign up?
Just use our quick sign up page to open your STORMPAY account.

How does STORMPAY work?
Now with STORMPAY, you can send and receive payments through the Internet. Once you sign up for STORMPAY, you can send money to anyone with an email address using the money from your STORMPAY account. Recipients are in turn, notified by email that they have received a payment.

On the subscriptions link it says that I have no subscriptions?
It only would display your subscription if you had signed up for one.

When I fill out the payment form it says, “Put in valid amount”?
The minimum amount you can send through STORMPAY is $1.

How do I withdraw funds from my STORMPAY account?
You can withdraw funds from your STORMPAY account by requesting an electronic funds transfer to your bank account or by requesting that a check be sent to you by U.S. mail. If you would like STORMPAY to send you a check, please allow 1 - 2 weeks to receive your check.

How do I integrate STORMPAY into my website?
Please view the Integration Manual here

Account Questions:
I need a receipt for a payment, What can I do?
If you login to STORMPAY and click your history, then look for the transaction that you need the receipt for, just click the ID# that is associated with it. This serves as your receipt.

I am not from the United States, can I join and use STORMPAY services?
Absolutely! We accept members from any country in the world.

I signed up but never received a confirmation email, can you resend it.
You can do this. Attempt to log into your account. Since it is pending, you will have a link to resend the activation email If the log in doesnt work, most likely you mistyped your email address and will need to register again with the correct email address.

How do I cancel a subscription that I am paying?
Just login to STORMPAY and click the subscriptions link, you can cancel any that you have from there.

What is my affiliate number?
Login to STORMPAY and click the Affiliate Program link. From there you can view your affiliate number, advertising codes (banners), campaigns and amount of people in your downine.

I had someone click my affiliate link and they are not in my downline, Can you move them?
No, We will not move people that you claim that should be in your downline. Its possible that this person is already a member from a while ago or that they are not accepting cookies in their browser, as this is necessary for affiliates to be placed properly in your downline.

What happens if one of my affiliates cancel their account, do I lose their downline?
No, you will just lose that one person, the downline will stay intact.

How do I join the affiliate program? What do I need to do?
All you need to do is login to STORMPAY and then click the affiliate program link. From there you can get your advertising code, your Id# and banners. Along with that you can setup campaigns and view your downline as well.

How much can I make with the affiliate program?
You make 2.5% of the fee collected on each transaction 6 levels deep that your downline generates. Naturally, the more people in your downline, the more money you can make.

What are your fees to send money?
The fee to send money is free. There is a 2.9$ plus $0.39 cents to receive money. So for example if you send someone $5.00, you will not be charged anything, the person receiving the cash would get $4.56 ($0.39 plus $0.15).

Here is a breakdown of all fees associated with STORMPAY:
Withdraw Funds
Check from STORMPAY = $2.00
Check by mail: $2
Electronic Transfer (US Customers) $2
To Global Pay Card: $2

Send or Receive cash
Send Money – Free
Receive Money = 2.9% plus $0.39 USD per transaction
Fund By E-Check: $2.00
Fund By Money Order: Free
Fund By E-Gold: 3%
Fund By NetPay: 3%
Fund by Credit Card $2.00

General Support - Customer Service:

How do I know that STORMPAY is secure?
When you login to STORMPAY, look down in the lower right hand portion of your screen for a yellow lock, this means that our site is using 128bit encryption, which is very secure.

What are the advantages of your service over Paypal or any of the other payment processors out there?
The largest advantage is that your account will never be "frozen" for participating in or running MLM or business opportunities. Another big advantage is that your customers will be able to open an account and pay you all within a few minutes. STORMPAY does not require that you link a bank account to your STORMPAY account not do you have to verify your bank account before you can spend. Many users do not have bank accounts. With over 10 ways to fund you account, it just isn't necessary. The affiliate program is another big advantage. It is six levels deep with unlimited width. As a member, you are automatically an affiliate. Click "affiliate program" in your account for details and your promotional URL. Commissions are paid instantly and to your STORMPAY account.

How do I change or edit my email address?
To change your primary email address:
*Click add/edit email and add the new email address.
*Change the new email to the primary email.
*Delete the old email - or leave as a secondary email.

I ordered my Global Atm card a long time ago and still havent gotten it, can you help?
We have recently taken over the distribution of the Global Debit card. We have found that several of the cards that were ordered were never sent out by the third party distributor. We will reissue the card for you.

I have received a spam from one of your members, what can you do about this?
First off, let it be known that ANYONE who spams will immediately have their account suspended. We do not tolerate spam and will stand for anyone who knowingly goes out and sends spam.

If you receive a spam from someone, please visit this link http://www.STORMPAY.com/spam

Technical- Website Integration
You can view the STORMPAY Integration manual here https://www.STORMPAY.com/STORMPAY/user/glc_integration_manual.html which will show you how to add a button to your site. You must be logged into STORMPAY to view this manual.

We have recently intorduced a new dynamic button which we call GLC. It includes IPN (Instant Payment Notification) and the ability for our server to post back information to your server.
At STORMPAY, we classify the products and services you sell into three basic groups. Your Customers may be...
Making a Single Item Purcahse - (you are selling only a single item)
starting a Subscription - (you have a service or product that people subsctibe to)
buying/adding multiple items in a Shopping Cart - (you are selling multiple products and/or services) The group of GLC codes you need to use to correctly integrate with STORMPAY to sell your products and/or services, is determined by the "class" of you product(s) and/or service(s).

How do I add a STORMPAY button to my site?
You can login to your STORMPAY account and create a STORMPAY Buy/Pay button to place into your webpage.

The Link Codes behind a STORMPAY "Single Item Purchase" OR "Subscription" button provides the option for you to have a Customer automatically returned to YOUR site to complete a membership sign-up process, AFTER they successfully pay you at STORMPAY.
Login to your STORMPAY account and do the following....
Click the "Sell" menu
Click the link - "STORMPAY Integration Manual", to get a preliminary understanding of what is required to integrate with STORMPAY.
Click the link - "Single Item Purchase" OR the link - "Subscription". IF your membership is on a monthly subscription basis, then you need the "Subscription" Link Codes, else if your program is a ONE-TIME membership payment, you may click the "Single Item Purchase" link.
At the form then presented to you, fill in the necessary information. Choose which graphic display button you prefer, then Click the "Create Button" button.
Copy the Link Codes created for you and past into your web page file.

How do I add funds to my account?

To fund your account, login to STORMPAY and click "deposit". Then choose the funding option you prefer; credit card, online check, charge to phone bill, money order and many ebullions. The fee for each funding option as well as the length of time to fund (some are instant) is on each funding page.

Can I add a credit card to my account?
No, STORMPAY does not keep credit card numbers for security reasons and we ask that you enter this information every time that you want to fund your account. We also cannot do automatic credit card billing.

Can I transfer money to....
We do not transfer funds to or from paypal.
We do not transfer STORMPAY funds to e-gold. We only accept payments from them.
Can you transfer funds to International bank accounts?
No, We presently only transfer to USA bank accounts.

I submitted a request to have funds transferred to my bank account, why havent they arrived yet?
There could be a number of reasons why your funds havent hit your bank yet. If you submitted a request from Friday night to sunday night, then your withdrawal will not be processed until start of business on Monday morning. Also if you submitted the request after 5pm Eastern Time, it will not be processed until Tuesday morning at start of business.

Check Request: Checks are mailed via USPS and are usually received within A MATTER OF DAYS, but can take longer for non US destinations or delays of the postal service You can view your history to see when the check was issued. A better option for you might be the Global Pay debit card. The card can be used at any Cirrus or Maestro location, almost everywhere Mastercard is accepted.

I submitted a withdrawal request and nothing has been taken from my account yet, why?
A withdrawal request is usually processed within 12 hours, if it has been longer than that, there could be reasons for it. If you funded your account by Credit Card or by e-check and then request a withdrawl, the request will be thrown out. This is considered a cash advance and STORMPAY does not do cash advances. There are NO exceptions to this rule. If you have added funds by either credit card or by e-check then you will have to wait 90 days to ask for a withdrawal.

Why was my Credit Card Denied?
Here are some of the reasons a card order may be declined:
1. Credit card bank does not match customer country

2. Some transactions with emails previously used with this credit card were previously rejected by Kagi.

3. Customer country does not match country of IP address.

We at STORMPAY have no control over what is approved or declined. But, for the security of our customers we will stand behind any transaction decision that Kagi's system has made.

Why was my e-check denied and what does AVS mean?
The most common reason other than insufficient funds is AVS, AVS means Address Verification System, basically its a security check with what you put in the form and what your bank has on file. If you enter anything differently, then it might cause it to fail. Please check your bank information and be sure that you have entered it correctly.

How can I cancel a transaction?
Transactions that have completed cannot be cancelled. If you click your history tab and find the payment as pending, you can cancel it from there.

STORMPAY does not get in the middle of Merchant/Client relations. If you feel that you should be refunded for a purchase that you made, then you will have to contact the person that you bought from to get this done. STORMPAY WILL NOT issue any refunds, period!

If you have sold something and need to issue a refund, just login to STORMPAY and click the History link, then put a checkmark in the box next to the transaction that you want to refund and click the refund button on the bottom of the screen. The transacton will be refunded and the money taken from your account.

I sent a payment to a bad address, what can I do?
You can click "history" in your account to cancel any payments that are not completed. Then, resend to the correct address.


STORMPAY also offers a Website tutorial, which is basically a walk through of our services and how to do many of the options on the site. To view the tutorial, please go here

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